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How to Improve Your Search Results

Reviewing the following search tips will help you to quickly and accurately search our vast selection of library and archive materials.   Using ANY SEARCH WORDS and ALL SEARCH WORDS options to customize your search: When typing in keyword(s) you wish to search for, you will see a prompt to select between between the ANY SEARCH WORDS and ALL SEARCH WORDS options. ANY SEARCH WORDS will find any of the search terms located in all PDFs in the database. For example, if you enter "greyhound dog shows" this option will find all available PDFs containing any of these words, but not...

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Optimize Your Browser for Search

To use the search functions available of this site optimally, ensure that you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader and that your internet browser is up to date. Many web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have PDF readers built into them, but please follow these steps if you need to install a PDF reader or want to optimize your browser for viewing search results. To optimize your Adobe Reader for search: Click Here to install Adobe Reader. Open the program. Navigate at the top menu to "Edit" then "Preferences." On the left hand side you will see a...

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