Optimize Your Browser for Search

To use the search functions available of this site optimally, ensure that you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader and that your internet browser is up to date. Many web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have PDF readers built into them, but please follow these steps if you need to install a PDF reader or want to optimize your browser for viewing search results.

To optimize your Adobe Reader for search:

  1. Click Here to install Adobe Reader. Open the program. Navigate at the top menu to “Edit” then “Preferences.”
  2. On the left hand side you will see a list. Click on “internet.”
  3. Make sure the follow are checked:
    1. Display in PDF browser
    2. Allow fast web view
    3. Allow speculative downloading the background
    4. (Different versions of Adobe might say slightly different things. That is ok. Make sure everything in this menu is checked EXCEPT for “display in read mode by default.”
  4. Make sure “Display in read mode by default is NOT checked.
  5. Click OK and exit program.
  6. If Adobe is not working in your IE browser at this point then follow the next set of instructions.
  7. Open Internet Explorer.
  8. Click on the gear symbol at the upper most right.
  9. Click manage add ons.
  10. Click the drop down menu on the left hand side called “Show”
  11. Set it to “all add ons”
  12. Under the category “Adobe Systems make sure “Adobe PDF” and “Adobe Reader” are enabled.
  13. Save changes, and close out IE.
  14. Restart browser and you should now be optimized for the AKC Search system